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Grandparent Issues: Washington
(Provided by: Divorce Source, Inc. Staff)
Grandparent Rights to Visitation:
When visitation is in the best interest of the child.
Title 26, Chapter 26.09, Section 26.09.230 (R.C.W.A. §26.09.230).

When Adoption Occurs:
Adoption terminates all rights.
Child Custody Statutes:
  1. each party's relative strength, nature and stability of the relationship with the child, including which party has taken greater responsibility for the child;
  2. any agreement of the parties;
  3. each party's past and potential for future performance of parenting functions;
  4. child's emotional needs and development;
  5. the child's relationship with siblings and any other significant adults, and involvement in his or her physical surroundings, school, and other activities;
  6. the wishes of the parties and the child; and
  7. each party's employment schedule.
The greatest weight is given to factor (1) above. R.C.W.A. §26.09.187.

Parents May Choose:
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