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Grandparent Issues: Wisconsin
(Provided by: Divorce Source, Inc. Staff)
Grandparent Rights to Visitation:
Visitation may be granted if the grandparent has maintained a relationship with the child similar to the parent-child relationship; the court is to consider the best interest of the child and the wishes of the child. Visitation may also be granted to grandparents if one of the child's parents is deceased and the court finds that the visitation is in the child's best interest.
W.S.A. §880.155 and §767.245.

When Adoption Occurs:
Adoption has no effect on the grandparent's rights if the adoption is by the stepparent.
Child Custody Statutes:
Referred to as "legal custody and physical placement." Best interest of the child considering:
  1. wishes of parties;
  2. wishes of child;
  3. interaction and interrelationship between child and the parties, siblings, and any other significant person;
  4. child's adjustment to home, school and community;
  5. mental and physical health of all parties involved;
  6. availability of public or private child care services;
  7. whether one party is likely to unreasonably interfere with the child's continuing relationship with the other party;
  8. any evidence of child abuse;
  9. any evidence of interspousal battery or domestic abuse;
  10. whether either party has had a significant problem with alcohol or drug abuse; and
  11. any other relevant factor.
W.S.A. §767.24.
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