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Insurance & Divorce

Ending your marriage affects almost everything in your life. In addition to taking an enormous emotional toll, it forces you to reassess every aspect of your personal finances...including insurance.

What you need to know:

Important Issues for the Newly Separated or Divorced

Below are some important issues you should consider when thinking about your financial future. Investigate each topic to find out how being newly single affects your planning.

The Basics About Insurance & Divorce
Maintaining Your Health Coverage
Protecting Your Home
Protecting Your Car
Securing Your Financial Future
Parenting and Insurance
Starting/Leaving a Job
Divorce & COBRA
Life Insurance Ownership in Divorce
Frequently Asked Questions
Insurance Tools & On-line Quotes
Life Insurance Calculator for Child Support
On-line Life Insurance Quotes
On-line Dental Plan Quotes
An In Depth Look at Life Insurance & Divorce
Classification of Life Insurance
Valuation of Life Insurance
Distribution of Life Insurance
Restraining Order or Injunction on the Right to Change the Beneficiary
The Effect of Divorce on Beneficiary Status
The Effect of Distribution of the Policy Itself on the Right to Proceeds As Beneficiary
Effect of Distribution of Property in General or General Waiver of Right to Property of Other
Life Insurance for the Former Spouse
Life Insurance for the Child(ren)
Extent of Interest Created in Beneficiary
Effect of Failure to Comply with Court Order or Agreement
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Insurance & Divorce Articles
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Identifying Unusual Types of Divisible Property
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Tracing Separate Property - Commingled Account
Equitable Distribution of Lottery Winnings
The Effect of Bankruptcy During Divorce
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