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Divorce Recovery

This section contains frequent splashes of humor. We know humor can feel foreign and even awkward in these turbulent times, but it's a great healing agent, and we encourage you to join in the healthy act of laughing as often and heartily as possible. It will help you keep your perspective through the chaos.

We hope that you, the visitor, will benefit from those who have traveled this path before you. One of the most beneficial exercises you can do while enduring an emotional trauma is to journal your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, we have left space on each page of this section for you to type or write entries. It's our belief that you can never express yourself too much.

What you need to know:

- Anger
- Feelings
- Fear
- Happiness
- Help
- Romance
- Self-Trust
- Friends
- Mistakes
- Affirmations
- Finance
- Advice
- Experience
- Crazy
- Lonely
- Expectations
- Irritants
- Impatience
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