How to Stop Your Divorce

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Outline of "How to Stop Your Divorce"

Focus: The primary purpose of this book is to help individuals who may not have the participation of their partner remain married while achieving an acceptable level of relationship satisfaction. It offers readers help in developing a relational understanding of marital conflicts and how to handle specific situations. Readers of both genders can benefit from the content offered.

Style: This book is written in a non-clinical, easily understood language that provides practical guidance through the use of stories, illustrations and metaphors that have been helpful to the clients of the author.

Abbreviated Content Outline:

Chapter 1: Is The Marriage Worth Saving?
    Issue: I'm not happy and I'm not sure what to do.
    Discussion: Identifying issues - opinions and feelings, knowing thy self, owning your projections, shadows of the past, families of origin, previous marriages.

    Suggestions: It takes two to have a problem, diagnosing, blaming, I statements.
Chapter 2: This Isn't What I Expected?
    Issue: What if this is as good as it gets?

    Discussion: Well, what did you expect?, why people choose to marry, levels of relationship and choosing intimacy, changing function of marriage overtime, leaving home, where will you go, realistic expectations.

    Suggestions: When was the last time your marriage met your expectations?, changing your dream, differentiating between wants and needs, establishing realistic expectations.
Chapter 3: Until death Do Us Part.
    Issue: Why stay married?

    Discussion: Marriage as a committed relationship, marital vows - to be together forever while maintaining an acceptable level of emotional satisfaction and feelings of well-being, changes in the marital contract (changing individuals-changing relationships), good and bad reasons to stay (dealing with ghosts, kids, finances, faith issues), managing change/negotiating transitions.

    Suggestion: Establish behavior expectations - how will you know when your marriage is working, what would you have to change to be satisfied, what do you need to change in yourself?, Begin the change process with yourself.
Chapter 4: What's Love Got to Do With It?
    Issue: If you loved me you would...

    Discussion: Defining love, how much love changes overtime, mind reading vs. asking for what you want, models for a loving marriage relationship, love as a choice, types of intimacy, individual temperaments and ways of loving, relationship styles, synergism the sum is greater than that of the whole.

    Suggestions: Assess what is good by identifying the types of intimacy found in your marriage, define how you need to be loved and learn to ask for what you want.
Chapter 5: Affairs.
    Issue: Negative impact on the marital relationship and elicit feelings of abandonment and betrayal.

    Discussion: Numerous types of affairs, getting what one wants from other sources, sexual vs. emotional affairs.

    Suggestions: Getting the appropriate level of help, personal safety issues, financial ruin, marital counseling for affairs.
Chapter 6: Dealing With Abuse and Addictions.
    Issue: Negative impact on the marital relationship and elicit feelings of abandonment and betrayal from addictions and abuse.

    Discussion: Addictions to drugs and alcohol, dealing with emotional unavailability, dealing with loss of resources, predicting the future, personal safety.

    Suggestions: 12 step programs for addictions, intervention strategies, PFAs and hostage.
Chapter 7: Other Considerations.
    Issue: In order to adjust and maintain well tuned marriage, certain basic tools are necessary.

    Discussion: Valuing the feelings of others - right, wrong or logical, keeping the best interest of you and your partner at heart, helping your partner save face, picking your battles, arguing vs. problem solving, managing conflict, rules for fair fighting, polarity management.

    Suggestions: Explore what is negotiable vs. non-negotiable in your relationship, what issues are worth fighting about?

    Issue #2: Assessing the usefulness of marriage counseling.

    Discussion: Counselor as a consultant, shopping for a counselor , who should go, women vs. men in therapy, what to expect, does it work?

    Suggestions: Establish how long things can continue as they are before something drastic will occur, consider finding an individual therapist who can help you work on your marriage.

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