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Parent/Child Psychological Evaluation

This evaluation is for all parents that are experiencing a divorce or separation. If you are a parent that cares dearly how your child is doing, this evaluation is a must. The results of this evaluation will give you the information you will need to be sure you are doing what is right for you and your child!
    - Is your child accepting your divorce or separation?
    - Have you recognized change in your child's behavior?
    - Will your divorce or separation effect your child later on in life?
    - Are your parenting decisions the best for your child?
    - Do you understand how your child feels about visitation time?

    - Get the answers you and your child deserve!

Overview of the Parent/Child Psychological Evaluation...

This unique on-line evaluation software allows Divorce Source, Inc. to offer you, as a divorcing or separating parent, the opportunity to evaluate how you and your child are managing through this difficult time. The results from this evaluation will provide the knowledge you will need to prevent your child from experiencing unnecessary emotional harm.

The Parent/Child Psychological Evaluation measures, through a scoring and question/answer response system, the actions and reactions that effect you and your child during this time of family structure, emotional, and financial adjustment. Please read about our Refund and Privacy Statement.

How It Works...

You will be presented, in a secure on-line environment, with 37 (easy to understand) questions. Each one of the answers carries a unique point value as well as a unique personal response containing explanations, suggestions, strategies, and tactics to help you and your child (this is not a fun quiz like you see in magazines, it is a full comprehensive evaluation). The final analysis (approx. 35 pages in length) is often referred to as a personalized self-help manual of concrete facts, strategies and tactics to help you and your child stay on the right path to a successful and speedy recovery.

Psychological Evaluation Criteria:

Description: This evlauation is designed to educate parents on how they can save their child from the trauma of divorce. The results will allow a parent to evaluate how his or her actions have effected their child as well as determine how well their child is fairing during and after the divorce and/or separation.
Scoring: Point Scale with Question/Answer Response System.
Evaluation Contents: Approx. 35 pages of facts, strategies, & tactics.
Requirements: Child should be of 3 years or older.
Medium: Secure Socket Layer- Web-Based
Average Taking Time: 12 Minutes

Taking the On-line Evaluation: (3 easy steps!)
After you provide your billing information, you will be advanced to the evaluation area. Once completing the questions, you will generate your score and responses. The evaluation should be printed for off-line reference (you can cut & paste the results if you do not have a printer available).

Parent/Child Psychological Evaluation
On-line Price: $49.99
Guarantee: 100% Money Back & Secure/Confidential Ordering


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