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Child Support Calculation Report Contents:

1. Total Monthly Child Support Amount CALCULATED for YOU!
2. Layout of the Information Used to Calculate Support Amount.
3. California Child Support Formula ( with indepth explanation).
4. Applicable Multiples for Number of Children.
5. Definitions of Criteria Used to Calculate the Support.
6. Definitions of Adjustments Considered by the Court.
7. Easy to Read and Understand.
8. Six (6) Pages Total Inside Report.
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California Principles of Child Support:

California child support guidelines are based on the Income Shares Model for calculating child support. The monthly support amount determined by applying the guidelines is divided proportionally according to each parent╣s income. These two support amounts are then offset to establish which parent will pay the other parent for support of the child. All income is typically verified by examining past W-2's and child support worksheets are available at the courthouse.

In implementing the statewide uniform guideline, the courts shall adhere to the following principles: (a) A parent's first and principal obligation is to support his or her minor children according to the parent's circumstances and station in life. (b) Both parents are mutually responsible for the support of their children. (c) The guideline takes into account each parent's actual income and level of responsibility for the children. (d) Each parent should pay for the support of the children according to his or her ability. (e) The guideline seeks to place the interests of children as the state's top priority. (f) Children should share in the standard of living of both parents. Child support may therefore appropriately improve the standard of living of the custodial household to improve the lives of the children. (g) Child support orders in cases in which both parents have high levels of responsibility for the children should reflect the increased costs of raising the children in two homes and should minimize significant disparities in the children's living standards in the two homes. (h) The financial needs of the children should be met through private financial resources as much as possible. (i) It is presumed that a parent having primary physical responsibility for the children contributes a significant portion of available resources for the support of the children. (j) The guideline seeks to encourage fair and efficient settlements of conflicts between parents and seeks to minimize the need for litigation. (k) The guideline is intended to be presumptively correct in all cases, and only under special circumstances should child support orders fall below the child support mandated by the guideline formula. (l) Child support orders must ensure that children actually receive fair, timely, and sufficient support reflecting the state's high standard of living and high costs of raising children compared to other states. (California Code - Sections: 3024, 3622, 4001, 4050)

In order for us to determine the amount of child support
required by these principles and the California Formula for Child Support,
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