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Child Support Calculation Reports and Guidelines

Get fast, accurate, and up-to-date monthly child support amounts calculated for you! This is an opportunity to find out what you should receive or what you should pay in child support according to your state child support guidelines. Avoid surprises and understand what the court in your state would order as a child support obligation and how that amount is determined with a step-by-step explanation including the current state child support laws and child support guidelines.

The report you will receive can be used for your own personal use, as a negotiation tool with your spouse, or as documentation to be presented in court. This service delivers an accurate child support amount as well as taking the difficulty out of understanding and explaining it.

How it Works!

1. You provide your pertinent child support information and submit your order.

2. We use the appropriate child support guidelines, formulas, tables & percentages to calculate the child support obligation.

3. We mail and/or fax you a comprehensive report explaining step-by-step the child support amounts, calculations, state child support guidelines and income adjustments.

4. You receive your child support report priority mail in a confidential envelope within four (4) business days. (one business day fax service is available)
Comprehensive Child Support Calculation Reports:
You answer the questions on-line and submit your order - We use the information to Calculate the Child Support (view report contents after choosing your state) - You receive your "Child Support Calculation Report" with Full Explanation of Calculation and State Guidelines priority mail in a confidential envelope within four (4) business days.

Begin Here:

(This will enable us to provide you with the appropriate child support calculation for your state. This is important because each state has unique child support calculation methods, applicable percentages, formulas, tables, and guidelines.)

Price $39.95

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