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Child Support Calculation Report Contents:

1. Total Annual Child Support Amount CALCULATED for YOU!
2. Layout of the Information Used to Calculate Support Amount.
3. Support Obligations for both Mother and Father.
4. Applicable Multiples for Number of Children.
5. Definitions of Criteria used to Calculate the Support.
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Ohio Principles of Child Support:

Ohio child support guidelines are based on the Income Shares Model for calculating child support. The monthly support amount determined by applying the guidelines is divided proportionally according to each parentıs income. These two support amounts are then offset to establish which parent will pay the other parent for support of the child. All income is typically verified by examining past W-2's and child support worksheets are available at the courthouse.

In a divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal separation, or child support proceeding, the court may order either or both parents to support or help support their children, without regard to marital misconduct. In determining the amount reasonable or necessary for child support, including the medical needs of the child, the court shall comply with the state child support guidelines. The amount of child support that will be paid pursuant to an administrative child support order, the court or agency shall calculate the amount of the obligor's child support obligation in accordance with the basic child support schedule, and the applicable worksheet with any deviations applied according the the following deviation factors:

The court may consider any of the following factors in determining whether to grant a deviation pursuant to section 3119.22 of the Revised Code:  (A) Special and unusual needs of the children;  (B) Extraordinary obligations for minor children or obligations for handicapped children who are not stepchildren and who are not offspring from the marriage or relationship that is the basis of the immediate child support determination;  (C) Other court-ordered payments;  (D) Extended parenting time or extraordinary costs associated with parenting time, provided that this division does not authorize and shall not be construed as authorizing any deviation from the schedule and the applicable worksheet, through the line establishing the actual annual obligation, or any escrowing, impoundment, or withholding of child support because of a denial of or interference with a right of parenting time granted by court order; (E) The obligor obtaining additional employment after a child support order is issued in order to support a second family;  (F) The financial resources and the earning ability of the child;  (G) Disparity in income between parties or households;  (H) Benefits that either parent receives from remarriage or sharing living expenses with another person;  (I) The amount of federal, state, and local taxes actually paid or estimated to be paid by a parent or both of the parents;  (J) Significant in-kind contributions from a parent, including, but not limited to, direct payment for lessons, sports equipment, schooling, or clothing;  (K) The relative financial resources, other assets and resources, and needs of each parent;  (L) The standard of living and circumstances of each parent and the standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage continued or had the parents been married;  (M) The physical and emotional condition and needs of the child;  (N) The need and capacity of the child for an education and the educational opportunities that would have been available to the child had the circumstances requiring a court order for support not arisen;  (O) The responsibility of each parent for the support of others;  (P) Any other relevant factor. (Ohio Code - Sections: 3105.71 and 3113.217)

In order for us to determine the amount of child support
required by these principles and the Ohio Schedules for Child Support,
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