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Divorce Magazine is a compassionate self-help resource for people in need of information and support regarding separation and divorce, including family law, mediation, relationships and children.
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Divorce Magazine is a quarterly publication designed to help separated and divorced people -- and their new partners, children, and stepchildren -- make better choices and get their lives back on track. The publication offers a unique combination of timely information, vital resources, and engaging columns. To see what our readers think of the magazine, click here.

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Our Readers Write About Divorce Magazine

Since Divorce Magazine first launched in March 1996, we've received thousands of letters, faxes, e-mails, and phone calls from our readers. Here's what a few of our readers have to say about the magazine:

  • "Divorce Magazine targets the real-life issues people deal with when experiencing this traumatic time in their lives."
    - A.S., Brooklyn NY
  • "Divorce Magazine points out the similarities in emotions separated/divorcing persons all experience. I don't feel like the only one anymore."
    - L.L. Fairlawn NJ
  • "The articles got me thinking and made me realize that I need to get over it and to get on with my life. Unfortunately, I discovered the magazine when my divorce was nearly final -- I could have used it earlier."
    - C.L.P., Chicago IL
  • "The legal articles, support group listings, relationship articles -- the whole magazine -- is great and there is still more for you to write about!"
    - M.B., San Diego CA
  • "The personal examples of what people went thru in divorce or separation and how they handled it is very helpful! I can honestly say I enjoy the magazine. I even showed it to my mother-in-law, and told her it was very helpful to me."
    - I. L., Brooklyn NY
  • "Great info even for those who aren't divorced! I used the info in the magazine to help a friend."
    - M.H., Toronto ON
  • "Your magazine is very informative: it gave me ideas about everything from planning my divorce to money matters. It's really helpful. I've passed the magazine along to friends."
    - E.W., Miami FL
  • "The magazine provided a comprehensive, realistic examination of divorce with concrete information regarding what to do and where to go."
    - R.B., Long Branch NJ
  • "The best thing about Divorce Magazine is that it even exists! I really like the articles about learning to enjoy single life."
    - D.H., Dallas TX

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