Our Premium On-line Divorce Service (3StepDivorce)

100% Guarantee
Our Premium On-line Divorce Service (3StepDivorce) is 100% guaranteed. Divorce Source, Inc. offers a 100% guarantee that you will be able to obtain a divorce using the documents produced by this service.

If for some reason the documents you prepare by using this service are rejected by the court due to the fault of Divorce Source, Inc., you will be provided a 100% refund (with no handling fee).

We Are a Company You Can Trust
Divorce Source, Inc. has been in business helping people on the internet since February 1997. We are not a start-up company, but rather a well established company with the vision and divorce expertise that has helped over 8.5 million people over the past 10 years.

Taking the Difficulty Out of Divorce
Our mission is to make it easier and more affordable for those people who wish to end their marriage on mutually agreeable terms. We achieve this by offering this cutting edge on-line divorce software service. The software uses smart question and answer technology that collects and manages your data, in turn allowing you to create personalized up-to-date documents. We help eliminate the difficulty in preparing your own divorce documents.

The Simple Divorce Procedure
Once you order the service you will be prompted to answer a series of questions. These questions are easy to understand and have a full explanation if needed. Once all the questions have been answered, you will instantly generate your personalized documents which will be downloaded to your computer and printed. After reviewing the documents, you and your spouse will sign the appropriate forms and follow the filing instructions that are provided. You will take the signed documents to the county courthouse and file them with the clerk. Once they are filed, your divorce will typically become final in 30 to 90 days (this will vary depending on the case load at the courthouse and mandatory waiting periods).

Our Innovative Technology at Work for You
We spent several years developing our knowledgeable question and answer software. You will only be asked those questions relative to your unique situation, therefore further personalizing your divorce experience and eliminating unnecessary work. We have streamlined the divorce process to the extent that professionals have used this service for their own clients.

Our Experience and Devotion
Divorcesource.com is the largest, most popular, and one of the oldest divorce informational resources on the internet (established in Feb. 1997). We have the same mission with this service as we have always had with our entire site. Our mission is simple and is as follows..."To provide as much divorce information as possible to help people who are contemplating or experiencing divorce". With this service you will get access to the information you need to do your own divorce successfully.

Simple, Accurate, Affordable, and Fast Process.
- (Simple) We make it extremely easy to do your own uncontested divorce without a lawyer.
- (Accurate) We make sure everything you receive is up-to-date according to state requirements.
- (Affordable) We save our customers thousands of dollars in legal fees.
- (Fast) We eliminate the delays of delivery periods, data collection, phone consultations, and in-office visits.

After several years of development of this service, we have remained focused on the above four aspects of the divorce process. We know we have excelled in these aspects and along the way added many other significant attributes that help reinforce that this divorce service is the most reliable and complete of its kind.

Our Customer Service and Support
We take great pride in our ability to please our customers. We have satisfied over 120,000 customers since 1997 and we recognize that our customer service and support has played a vital role in our success. We have a "human" staff that gives individual attention to each individual support request in a timely fashion. You can e-mail 24/7 or call our toll free number (1-800-680-9052) Mon. - Fri. 9am to 5pm EST.

Trustworthy, Private and Secure
We back our service with our name, Divorce Source, Inc. and our 10 years of being the most recognized divorce network on the internet. We currently have over 1600 divorce professionals throughout the U.S. (attorney, mediators, counselors, etc.) who are Divorce Source Members who are willing to associate their business's with us in our online directory. We are proud of this and we believe this enthusiastic participation says a lot about our reputation.

Your divorce case and information will be private until you file with the courts. This is the most private way to obtain a divorce that we are aware of.

We fully understand the importance and concern for internet security. We maintain a 128-bit state-of-the-art security certificate that is current and active through Verisign (the world leader in on-line security). All information you provide us is protected by this secure certificate in an environment accessible by only you (and those you share your login information with). Your information will not be released for any commercial or third party usage.

Please keep in mind that our staff may view your information as necessary for support purposes and maintenance of this service.

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