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Online Will ServicePremium On-line Will Service
      (Available Throughout the U.S.)

On-line Will Service A Last Will and Testament is a legally enforceable declaration of a person's wishes regarding matters to be attended to after his or her death and not operative until his or her death; usually but not always relating to property; revocable (or amendable) up to the time of his or her death or loss of mental capacity to make a valid will. Originally, "will" related to real property; "testament", to personal property; but at the present time, "will" is equally applicable to real and personal property.

Divorce Source has developed this service and is offering it as an affordable way for people to do their own Last Will and Testament (a.ka. Will) without a lawyer. Over 8 years of experience and 120,000 customers later, Divorce Source has used its experience, expertise, and customer feedback to create a simple and inexpensive on-line solution for doing your own Will.
The total cost for the service is $99.00.

With this premium service you will receive your personalized and state specific Last Will and Testament, Statement of Desires, and Step-by-Step instructions to execute your Will in a timely, professional, and hassle free fashion. If you have questions about this premium service, please call 1-800-680-9052 from 9am -5pm Mon-Fri. EST.

Get the Facts...

- No complicated documents to complete.
- 100's saved in legal fees.
- Simple and fast process.
- Up-to-date and accurate.
- Reliable and quick customer service.
- Trustworthy, private and secure.
- Easy editing capabilities.
- Instant document generation.
- Create & print updated versions at no cost.
- 100% Guaranteed.

How it Works! (3 easy steps!)

Step 1. You create a private on-line account by providing your billing information and establishing your username and password.

Step 2. When logged in, you answer a few easy (non-legal) questions at your own pace. Each question has an in depth explanation if needed.

Step 3. After all the questions are answered, you can instantly generate and print your personalized Will and related documents.

Remember: With this premium service you are able to login and logout of the secure environment at any time. This means that you can complete the questions at your own pace. All of the questions you answer are saved and each answer may be altered at any time. You may reprint or alter your Will and related documents as necessary with no additional fees.

Brief On-line Will Service Description:
This is the most convenient, affordable and user friendly way to complete your own Last Will and Testament (a.k.a. Will) without hiring a lawyer. You will save hundreds of dollars on legal fees by using this service, while keeping your personal issues secure and confidential. Read about our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Online Will ServiceLearn More & Begin Your On-line Will Here:

ATTENTION: Choosing your state will enable us to provide you with the appropriate on-line will service for your state. This is very important because each state has unique documents and procedures.
Price $99.00

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