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State Specific Parenting Agreements

A Parenting Agreement is a legal binding contract that has been prepared to inform you of certain rights you may have, and certain procedures that may be involved in a child custody and parenting situation.

The foundation of a strong parenting relationship is developed from a well-structured "Parenting Agreement", or sometimes called a "Parenting Plan". This type of agreement is so useful and effective, that most states have made them mandatory!

A Few Reasons to Have a Parenting Agreement!

1. Eliminate any surprises. What is put in writing is understood!

2. If the other parent continuously breaks the agreement, you will have proof that he or she agreed to in writing not do such actions. This will help you if you need to petition the court to have the custody, visitation, or support arrangements modified.

3.As a reference tool to make sure you and your spouse are sticking to the original parenting plan. You will be surprised how quick one or both parents may deviate from the original plan. Sometimes this happens intentionally and not intentionally.

4. Incorporate it as part of your Marital Separation or Settlement Agreement. This way the court will also have a record and a copy of the "Parenting Agreement" as well. This tend to make both parents live up to his or her parenting responsibilities.

4 Great Options!
(Options 2, 3 & $ are state specific and include extensive instructions)

Option #1:

Hire A Divorce Professional From the Divorce Source Professional Directory: We recommend that you consider hiring a Lawyer or a Mediator if you can afford one and/or if you have a complicated/contested divorce situation. If you are not sure, you can always contact a professional for an initial consultation of your divorce case. Please keep in mind, not all initial consultations are free of charge.

Begin Option #1 Here:

Phone Professionals
Option #2:

Premium Online Parenting Plan Service:
This is the most convenient, affordable and user friendly way to create your own parenting plan without hiring a lawyer. You will save hundreds of dollars now and in the future on legal fees by using this service, while keeping your family issues secure and confidential.

Begin Option #2 Here:

Option #3:

State Specific Parenting Agreements:
Some people choose to have a Lawyer or Mediator draft a Parenting Agreement for them, but this will provide you with the instructions and tools to easily draft, execute and file your own Parenting Agreement.

Begin Option #3 Here:

Option #4:

Creating a Successful Parenting Plan Book with Parenting Agreements on Computer Disk:
A step-by-step guide for drafting Your own parenting agreement. This extraordinary book and computer disk offers separating or divorcing parents a sure-fire way to create a workable, practical parenting plan/agreement that is in the best interest of their children.

Begin Option #4 Here:

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