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Online Divorce ServiceOnline QDRO Preparation Service
      (Available Throughout the U.S.)

Online QDRO Service Yes. Finally QDROs Can Be Prepared Instantly Online.

QdroDesk™ is an online preparation service providing Lawyers, their Clients, and Pro Se individuals with an instant, easy, accurate, and affordable method for obtaining Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), the suggested agreement clauses, and processing instructions for court and plan approval. When marrying 45 years of combined expertise with an intelligent question and answer technology, you have QdroDesk™, which has easily become the ideal QDRO solution for family law attorneys throughout the United States.

After four years of development time, QdroDesk™ has established itself in the industry as the first online QDRO preparation service. The smart question/answer and document generation technology produces fully customized QDROs for all types of retirement plans.

QdroDesk™ will not only save you money, but you will also be ecstatic over the detail and accuracy delivered in every QDRO prepared. You will appreciate how easy it is to manage your QDRO at your convenience from your own desk or home and eliminate lengthy delivery periods and the transmittal of information by mail. You are able to log into your account and have a QDRO accurately prepared ready for execution, court approval, and submission to the plan administrator in minutes.

Get the Facts...

- Experts in Pensions & Divorce Since 1989
- Custom QDRO Ready for Court & Plan Approval
- Custom Agreement Language that Reflects QDRO
- All the Required Issues Addressed
- Instant QDRO Preparation (Print From Your Own Computer)
- No Additional Costs for QDRO Revisions or Updates
- Full Editing Capabilities (MSword and PDF Format)
- Client Data Summary Sheet for Easy Review
- Pension Plan Name Lookup Database (100,000 plus)
- Step-by-Step QDRO Execution and Processing Instructions
- Excellent Phone & E-mail Support From Experts
- Accessible From Any Computer Connected to the Internet
- Compatible with PC and Mac (No Software to Install)
- Trustworthy, Private, and Secure (Verisign 128-bit encryption)
- No Time Limits on Your Account
- Simple, User-Friendly, and Accurate
- 100% Guaranteed Approval

Making the Preparation of QDROs Easy!

Step 1. Answer a short online questionnaire
Our smart question and answer technology allows a user to provide information in a fast and organized fashion to allow us to instantly prepare detailed and accurate QDROs and appropriate settlement agreement language.

Step 2. Instantly print your QDRO, Agreement Language, & Processing Instructions
Upon completing the online questionnaire, your fully prepared documentation is ready for printing, editing, and/or downloading.

Step 3. Complete the Process
Review and deliver your QDRO to the opposing side, the court, and plan administrator for approval.

Brief Online QDRO Service Description:
Once you complete the online questionnaire, we instantly prepare the QDRO for you through the online system, giving you instant access and full control of the QDRO, Settlement Agreement Language, and Processing Instructions in both PDF and MSword Versions. With QdroDesk™ you eliminate all written requests and lengthy delivery periods for the initial draft as well as any updates or revisions that may be needed.

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