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Responding to a Petition/Complaint for Divorce (or Dissolution)

No matter what the circumstances are, receiving a Complaint or Petition for Divorce (or dissolution) is no laughing matter. From this point going forward the legal process of your divorce has begun. As the non-filing spouse (respondent or defendant) in your case you are required, by law, to formally respond to the Petition or Complaint within a specified amount of time (which is clearly stated on the summons). Should you fail to or elect not to formally respond, you will be in default, which means the court may proceed with the divorce without your participation and consent. If you are contemplating not responding, think twice, because you typically do not get a second chance.

A Few Popular Reasons for Filing a Response/Answer

1. You must file a response to participate in your divorce.
2. If you do not file a response, the judge may award your spouse all of his or her requests in the Petition or Complaint.
3. Your response will let the court know what you agree and disagree with.
4. Your response will let your spouse know what you agree and disagree with.
5. Your response will set the stage for negotiation and hopefully lead to settlement.

2 Great Options!
(Option 2 is state specific software and includes extensive instructions)

Option #1:

Hire A Divorce Professional From the Divorce Source Professional Directory: We recommend that you consider hiring a Lawyer or a Mediator if you can afford one and/or if you have a complicated/contested divorce situation. If you are not sure, you can always contact a professional for an initial consultation of your divorce case. Please keep in mind, not all initial consultations are free of charge.

Begin Option #1 Here:

Phone Professionals
Option #2:

State Specific Divorce Response/Answer Software:
Some people choose to have a Lawyer prepare a formal response for them, but this software will provide you with the instructions and tools to easily draft, execute and file the documents yourself.

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