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Locate Missing People (Find Anyone!)

This service is great for locating anyone!

- Locate Your Missing Spouse in order to File for Divorce.
- Locate Your Missing Spouse in order to Find Out if You are Divorced.
- Locate a Deadbeat Parent who is not Paying Child Support.
- Locate an Ex-spouse who is not Paying Alimony.
- Locate Children or Grandchildren. (must be over 18)

The Search Process & How it Works!:
Once you submit your order, a series of public record searches based on search criteria you provide take place. The results are then gathered, sorted, and put into an easy-to-read report that is delivered via U.S. Priority Mail. Your Search Report is typically delivered to you in 4-5 days. We may contact you if additional information is needed to conduct a quality search.

A search can be done by any combination of the following information: Name and/or Age and/or SS# and/or Previous Address. Whether only a name is provided, or all of the above mentioned information is provided, a series of searches that are best suited to locate the most recent address and/or telephone numbers associated with the individual being sought.

For example, one database may be accessed to acquire additional search information based on what was provided. In other words, in some cases, the exact date-of-birth can be found in certain databases by using only the name. Then, additional databases that require a date-of-birth can be accessed, and so on, in order to obtain the most recent addresses and/or telephone numbers available in public record information.

The Databases that are Used for the Search:
National Voter Registration Records, Real Property / Land Ownership Records, Automobile Registration Records, Change of Address Database, National Marketing Databases, Magazine Subscription Lists, Consumer Credit Reporting Agency Databases, DMV (Drivers License Information In States Where Available), Aircraft/Watercraft Ownership, Pilots Licenses, Current National Telephone Listings, Former National Telephone Listings, Corporate Affiliations, Bankruptcy Filings, UCC Filings, Civil Litigation Records, Civil Judgements, Civil Judgement Liens, Tax Liens, Deed Transfers, Professional Licenses.

When You Receive Your Search Results:
Contact the person you were looking for by mail or telephone. The person you are looking for will not be notified that you have conducted a search.

Our Guarantee:
If the person you are seeking is incarcerated, homeless, deceased, or not operating by the information you provide us, and thus does not show up on the initial search results, we will consult you, free of any additional charge, on any available options to continue your search. You can resubmit your search every three months for up to one year, if necessary, at no additional charge.

Location Search Report:
You answer the questions on-line and submit your order - We use the information to search databases - You receive your "Search Report" priority mail in a confidential envelope within four (4-5) business days.

Conduct Your Secure Search Here!
Price $69.95

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