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Custody, Visitation and Support Tracking Solutions

Tracking custody, visitation and child support payments is the number one most important things to do, and unfortunately one of the most forgotten.

Any lawyer or judge will tell you the documentation of each visit and support payment is the primary and essential evidence in any current or future court proceeding. This goes for trying to get custody, modify visitation, or increase or decrease child support.

It is this vital information that wins cases! Too often the wrong side loses a case because they do not have proper documentation to back verbal statements or accusations.

Each of the following three options are excellent choices for tracking and organizing all of the valuable custody, visitation and child support information that will help protect both your's and your children's future.

3 Great Options!

Option #1:

Custody Junction is the ultimate child custody and support tracking tool. Custody Junction allows you to schedule, track and monitor your current and future custody, visitation, and support arrangements. It gives you the capability to develop and share (if desired) a detailed parenting calendar, track all scheduled and non-scheduled parenting events, and generate valuable statistical reports for personal or legal use (if needed).

Begin Option #1 Here:

Custody Junction

Free Trial
Option #2:

Kidmate - Visitation/Custody Tracking Program for Parents - Kidmate is the revolutionary new program for negotiating visitation and custody! Kidmate's Timesharing Organizer module will help you work out a comprehensive timesharing schedule from the basic pattern that repeats itself to holidays, vacations and birthdays.

Begin Option #2 Here:

Kidmate Tracking Software

Price: $74.95
Option #3:

The Divorce Record Keeper: This product has enable thousands of people to organize and document all the crucial issues to make appropriate and substantiated claims in and out of court. Without organized and dated documentation you have NO case! Whether you have children or not, this resource will enable you to keep track and record everything about your divorce from start to finish in a easy to reference fashion. Every divorce lawyer and family law judge will tell you that it is a must that you document everything!

Begin Option #3 Here:

The Divorce Record Keeper

Price $34.95

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