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This area of the research center provides in depth analysis of divorce related cases. We have chosen cases that are of special interest, so hopefully you will be able to educate yourself by comparing them to your very own case or situation.
Find Your Answers Here...
- This is the first time and the only place that divorce research information of this magnitude has been this easily accessible by the public.

- Case analysis and rulings on past divorce cases in over 100 categories (find cases that compare to yours! Do you have a case? Will you prevail? What did the Judge say?).

- You no longer have to leave the research up to your lawyer. (your discovery may win you your case!).

Subsription Access to some cases (those we license from independent legal research companies) is restricted to subscribers. In order to gain access to these documents, you must subscribe to establish an account. If you are already a subscriber, you may sign in before you begin your research. (Why Subscribe?)
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Cases of Interest Categories
- Accounts
- Adoption
- Adultery
- Agreements
- Alimony
- Antenuptial Agreements
- Appeal
- Appreciation of Assets
- Attorneys and Clients
- Attorneys
- Attorney's Fees
- Bankruptcy
- Bifurcation
- Child Custody
- Children
- Child Support
- C. Support Enforcement
- Classification of Assets
- Closely Held Businesses
- Closely Held Corporations
- Closure
- Cohabitation
- Conflict of Laws
- Contempt
- Commingled Assets
- Corporations
- Counseling
- Creditor's Rights
- Criminal Offenses
- Cutoff Date
- Death of Spouse
- Debts
- Disability Benefits
- Disclosure
- Discovery
- Dissipation of Assets
- Division of Property
- Double Dipping
- Employee Benefits
- Estoppel
- Evidence
- Expert Witnesses
- Factors in Award
- Federal Preemption
- Findings
- Foreign Issues
- Fraud
- Gifts
- Goodwill
- Grandparent's Rights
- Guardian Ad Litem
- Incarceration
- Income
- Inherited Property
- Injunctions
- Interest
- Joinder
- Joint Titling
- Jurisdiction
- Legal Aid
- Life Insurance
- Marital Home
- Military Benefits
- Modifications
- Paternity
- Pensions
- Personal Injury
- Pets
- Postdecree Proceedings
- Premarital Property
- Preliminary Relief
- Professional Licenses
- Professional Degrees
- Professional Practices
- Property Settlements
- Religion
- Remarriage
- Res Judicata
- Restraining Orders
- Separation
- Severance Pay
- Smoking Issues
- Social Security Benefits
- Source of Funds
- Step Parenting
- Stock Options
- Stocks & Securities
- Survivor Benefits
- Tax Consequences
- Third Parties
- Torts
- Transmutation of Property
- Trusts
- Valuation of Property
- Visitation
- Wiretapping
- Worker's Compensation

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