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Cases of Interest: Child Custody
National Legal Research Group, Inc.

ALASKA: Moeller-Prokosch v. Prokosch, No. S-9776 (Alaska July 27, 2001).
During the divorce proceedings, the mother determined that she wanted to relocate to Florida. The trial court conditioned an award of primary physical custody to the mother on her maintaining the child's residence within a 65-mile radius of the father's residence.
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ALASKA: West v. West, No. S-9666 (Alaska Sup. Ct. Apr. 27, 2001).
The court presiding over a divorce gave the father primary custody of the son; the court based its decision primarily on the father's anticipated remarriage, which, the court found, would offer the son the benefit of a "two-parent household."
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ARIZONA: Gonzalez-Caballero v. Mena, No. 00-15822 (9th Cir. May 30, 2001).
Evelyn Gonzalez-Caballero appealed the district court's denial of her petition to return her daughter, Danelsy, to her custody in Panama. The district court found that Gonzalez-Caballero consented to the removal and retention of Danelsy from Panama to Arizona by Danelsy's father, Ramon Mena, an American citizen.
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CONNECTICUT: Murray v. Murray, No. AC 20847 (Conn. App. Ct. Aug. 14, 2001).
The mother appealed from a judgment denying her motion for permission to relocate to California with two minor children.
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FLORIDA: Schweinberg v. Click, 627 So. 2d 548 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1993).
The parties separated in March 1986 after a 13-year marriage during which they had three children. The children lived with their father from the time of the separation until the divorce action.
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FLORIDA: Mesa v. Mesa, 21 Fam. L. Rep. (BNA) 1280 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1995).
A dissolution court may not prohibit a noncustodial parent from exposing her children to her church's religious practices, unless there is a clear, affirmative showing that these religious activities will be harmful to the child.
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IOWA: In re Marriage of Stange, No. 1-390/00-1886 (Iowa Ct. App. June 13, 2001).
The wife appealed the decision of the trial court transferring primary physical care of the parties' daughter to the husband following the wife's decision to relocate to Washington.
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MICHIGAN: Lombardo v. Lombardo, 20 Fam. L. Rep. (BNA) 1090 (Mich. Ct. App. 1993).
Two courts in different jurisdictions have recently issued rulings regarding a custodial parent's rights to decide on the course of a child's education where the noncustodial parent objects to the custodial parent's choice.
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OKLAHOMA: Kaiser v. Kaiser, 2001 OK 30 (Ct. App. Apr. 3, 2001).
Mother appealed the denial of her motion to modify visitation schedule of the father necessitated by her intended employment-related relocation with the child to a new residence out of state.
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WASHINGTON: Greenlaw v. Smith, ___ Wash. 2d ___, 869 P.2d 1024 (1994).
Mother and father were divorced in Washington on March 11, 1982. The mother was awarded custody of the parties' child, and the father was awarded reasonable visitation. The father continuously lived in Washington subsequent to the divorce.
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