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Cases of Interest: Corporations
National Legal Research Group, Inc.

FLORIDA: Barineau v. Barineau, 662 So. 2d 1008 (Fla. DCA 1995).
Courts are not barred from inquiring whether a nonprofit corporation is the alter ego of a party in a dissolution proceeding for the purpose of achieving equitable distribution.
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NEW YORK: Wurtzel v. Wurtzel, ___ A.D.2d ___, 642 N.Y.S.2d 967 (1996).
The husband was not entitled to broad disclosure from a company owned by the wife's father, where the wife was a mere employee of the company and did not own any interest in it, the husband had failed to first obtain discovery from the wife, and the husband had failed to establish the existence of special circumstances justifying disclosure from nonparty witnesses.
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NORTH DAKOTA: Grinaker v. Grinaker, 553 N.W.2d 200 (N.D. 1996).
The trial court did not abuse its discretion by appointing a receiver for the parties' business, but the wife should have sought relief in the parties' pending divorce action rather than in a separate action for equitable relief.
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TEXAS: Dawson-Austin v. Austin, 920 S.W.2d 776 (Tex. Ct. App. 1996).
The law of Texas, where the husband was domiciled and had filed a divorce action, applied to determine the classification of stock purchased before marriage, rather than the law of Minnesota, where the parties were domiciled at the time of marriage.
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