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Cases of Interest: Indiana
National Legal Research Group, Inc.

Agreements (full category)
Appreciation of Assets (full category)
Attorney and Clients (full category)
Bankruptcy (full category)
Children (full category)
Child Support (full category)
Classification of Assets (full category)
Closely Held Businesses (full category)
Cutoff Date (full category)
Death of Spouse (full category)
Debts (full category)
Dissipation of Assets (full category)
Division of Assets (full category)
Estoppel (full category)
Evidence (full category)
Factors in Award (full category)
Gifts (full category)
Goodwill (full category)
Inherited Property (full category)
Pensions (full category)
Postdecree Procceedings (full category)
Premarital Property (full category)
Professional Licenses and Degrees (full category)
Professional Practices (full category)
Stock Options (full category)
Stocks (full category)
Tax Consequences (full category)
Transmutation of Property (full category)
Trusts (full category)
Valuation of Property (full category)

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