Between 2 and 4 million women are annually victimized by domestic violence. Most children in homes in which domestic violence occurs witness that abuse and suffer secondary psychological effects, including aggressive behavior and depression. Male children who witness abuse are more likely to become abusers themselves as adults, creating a vicious, intergenerational cycle of violent behavior. (ABA Domestic Violence Commission)

If you need help or someone you know is experiencing or in some way involved in domestic violence please recognize that there are measures to take in order to prevent further harm. If you are a victim of violence we strongly urge you to devise a safety plan for a time of extreme emergency, and the following list of Domestic Shelters will be a great start for obtaining help and vital information.

Divorce Tip:
#76 It is very important to discuss discipline techniques, so both parents are consistent and the child(ren) are not confused.
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Connecticut Domestic Violence Shelters:

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