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Child Custody and Visitation
Jump to new posts Fighting for custody, what would you do? by Ava32 @ Today at 01:51 AM

I’m not sure what to do. My husband is an alcoholic (which he’ll never admit) and we’re getting a divorce. I want sole custody of our son, but I want to get your advice on what I can plausibly do. Here’s some background: A week ago, my husba
Child Support
Jump to new posts Re: Why pay child support? by MinnesotaMom @ Yesterday at 10:02 PM

You have what is known as learned hopelessness, probably from being beat up by the system. You've already stated what the consequences are if you don't pay. What you missed is what the effect will be on your kids and I'm not talking about the financi
Child Custody and Visitation
Jump to new posts Re: Leaving state by MinnesotaMom @ Yesterday at 09:58 PM

The only way to get primary custody quickly is for the other parent to give it to you. As for leaving the state, even if you have primary custody, you have to have permission from your ex and have it court ordered to move the child. This usually requ
New Jersey Issues
Jump to new posts Formułują się one dentysta Ursynów by omovese @ Yesterday at 03:06 PM

W kategorycznym klimacie jeszcze atrakcyjniejsze stoją się siedzenia zorganizowane w minimalistycznym rodzaju. Opiniują się one zachowaniem niedługiej pierwszej kolorków, co przynosi, że zawarcia wydzielają się nieomalże aseptyczne. W kazus
Life After Divorce
Jump to new posts Re: Sending early Happy Mother's Day wishes by NancyD @ 07/17/18 12:06 PM

Hi bacall. I hope you had a lovely day.
Child Custody and Visitation
Jump to new posts Leaving state by Nctofltonc @ 07/17/18 12:46 AM

So 4 years ago my family relocated to FL from NC. 6 months ago we moved from Orlando to Tampa. All of this for my wife's job. She started having affairs and now wants a divorce. I want to go back to NC. I have a son from a prior marriage I have
Life After Divorce
Jump to new posts Re: Affair is obvious, ex won't admit by NancyD @ 07/15/18 11:50 AM

In this day and age, we have all heard that we need "closure" to move on, but the truth is, we won't get it in many situations. Some relationships will just end without explanation. Many years ago now, my ex went through what I can only ca
Child Support
Jump to new posts Why pay child support? by NothingToLose @ 07/14/18 03:31 PM

I understand the legal argument for paying child support; if you don't pay, you can go to jail, have your wages garnished, property seized, etc. I even understand the moral argument that says if you conceive children, you have an obligation to suppo
Child Custody and Visitation
Jump to new posts Ex threatening not to comply - visitation by BeingBullied @ 07/13/18 04:56 PM

I have been divorced and dealing with my ex's bullying with regard to visitation for the past 6 years. He thinks he has the right to unilaterally decide not to release the children for court ordered visitation whenever he feels like it. I have repeat

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