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Child Support
Jump to new posts Re: ex-husband hides money from his 2 LLCs by MinnesotaMom @ 02/18/19 09:05 PM

The courts/judge would not impute from what you wrote. Imputing is done for folks voluntarily working less than 40 hours per week or purposely working a job that pays far below their working potential. This is what I would do. I would let him know t
Virginia Issues
Jump to new posts Re: I Served My Time, Now I Pay 'til I die by JimmyL @ 02/17/19 09:09 PM

Okay, so I've paid thousands of dollars to my attorney and thousands to hers. I've provided both attorneys with my tax returns (joint) for the past five years, every bank account info, every investment info as far back as they go, my 401(k) info for
Life After Divorce
Jump to new posts Re: I can not believe what is happening to my life by MinnesotaMom @ 02/16/19 01:23 PM

Sadly, I've read your story a few hundred times before, although typically it's someone within at least reasonable flying distance. Research shows that social media is a factor in 30% of divorces. If you have an legal questions, please post them.
Virginia Issues
Jump to new posts Re: husband would not share a copy of a prenup by MinnesotaMom @ 02/16/19 01:06 AM

You would have to file for divorce and alimony. He would need to come up with it then to contest. Do you remember the name of the attorney that wrote the prenup? You should be able to get a copy from them if they are still practicing. It's impossib
Men's Rights
Jump to new posts Re: Does the Pascale v Pascal rule (purchasing of a ho by MinnesotaMom @ 02/16/19 12:57 AM

Your question is beyond the scope of the volunteers that answer here. Only an attorney from PA is going to be able to answer your question.
Doing Your Own Divorce
Jump to new posts Re: Can I be forced to pay support? by MinnesotaMom @ 02/16/19 12:52 AM

This divorce was from a year and half ago. I'm sure the process is long over....
Child Support
Jump to new posts Re: Ex has opened child support case. Can I ignore? by MinnesotaMom @ 02/16/19 12:49 AM

As long as you show up in court, your actual income from your tax return will be used. It's not showing up that can be dangerous to your financial health! The courts take lies as fact if you are not there to object. Your ex should have her income i
Doing Your Own Divorce
Jump to new posts Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? by Kriti Sharma @ 02/15/19 09:12 AM

Mutual divorce is an easier way to get a divorce even without a lawyer. In this you both need to agree that divorce should take place. You need to produce the application before the court stating the matter and claims. You can also file an applicati
Saving Your Marriage
Jump to new posts Re: You have to lose to know how to win by MinnesotaMom @ 02/14/19 05:25 PM

You are responding to a post from THIRTEEN YEARS ago.

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