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Property and Debt
Jump to new posts Immigrant wife left country by cmh @ Yesterday at 07:05 PM

My wife snuck a flight out of NY back to her home country without advance parole, so she’s abandoned her green card application. I sent an I-864 withdrawal letter to cover all bases per advice. Someone suggested I investigate whether the possibilit
Florida Issues
Jump to new posts Re: My husband and I divorced in Jan 2017 by CharlotteIsabell @ Yesterday at 12:02 PM

Masscahusetts Issues
Mass here - had a trial approx. one year ago. We are still waiting outcome. Ran into wife yesterday at a public park while I was with my woman friend. She came up yelling - we are going through a divorce and you are walking hand in hand! My frien
Property and Debt
Jump to new posts Re: COMMUNITY PROPERTY by MinnesotaMom @ 06/23/19 07:52 AM

You can pick it up anytime you want since it's in your name. The courts really can't help you if you can't find the car. If you find it, you either pick it up or have it towed to you.
General Divorce Issues
Jump to new posts Re: So torn by MinnesotaMom @ 06/23/19 07:49 AM

Do you have any legal questions?
Child Support
Jump to new posts Re: Child support stopped during government shutdown by MinnesotaMom @ 06/23/19 07:47 AM

The shutdown ended 6 months ago. Have you made your support payments? If not, you are in arrears and serious sanctions await you. And no, blaming Trump in court will not be a viable defense.
Arizona Issues
Jump to new posts Community Property by svenlitt @ 06/22/19 07:11 PM

Tring to get back a car that is only in my name. It was acquired during the marriage so I know its community property. However, since separation and divorce filing she has disappeared and cant find her or the vehicle. I continue to make the payments
Doing Your Own Divorce
Jump to new posts Re: Should we divorce without lawyers??? by MinnesotaMom @ 06/19/19 07:13 PM

Please don't necropost. You are responding to a post that is almost 3 years old. They are long since divorced by now.
Property and Debt
Jump to new posts Re: California Divorce, Inherited Property out of CA by Ella Besanth @ 06/19/19 11:49 AM

I truely understand your situation. If a name is added to a property document, the person added would obviously become a partner. In your case, your wife becomes eligible to half of the property as the document has her name. The circumstances that

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