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New Hampshire Issues
Jump to new posts Significant Details In car Around The UK by azytob @ Today at 07:51 AM

Overall, the really tight look is in for urban shirts but regular fit is also acceptable. ve noticed that thought flitting through your mind more often lately, you won. It included handbags, eyewear, jewelry, accessories, men's dress shirts, and wom
Hawaii Issues
Jump to new posts Thoughts on Aspects Of car by ixanak @ Yesterday at 04:16 PM

The Observer calls it one of the ten best boutiques around the world and their trademark reflects the same. l'aumentare di prodotti come i kit tatuaggi non permanenti, dai pi. Before you do that though, you need to read the guidelines and policy of a
Child Custody and Visitation
Jump to new posts Re: Grandparents requesting time outside custodial by MinnesotaMom @ Yesterday at 11:43 AM

Stand your ground. They have no say in the court order and have no court ordered parenting time.
Child Custody and Visitation
Jump to new posts Re: Wife Wants me Divorce by MinnesotaMom @ Yesterday at 11:42 AM

The marriage is over. Time to move on.
Child Custody and Visitation
Jump to new posts Re: Contempt of court by MinnesotaMom @ Yesterday at 11:41 AM

The courts will tell her to transport and nothing beyond that. If she continues to not transport, you have to go to court again. It takes several "contempts's before the courts will do much.
Grandparent Rights
Jump to new posts Grandparents requesting time outside of custodial by Pamom1234 @ 12/13/18 04:47 PM

My ex in-laws have repeated asked to have my daughter on my custody days. They see her on a regular basis when she is with my ex. But they insist that they should be allowed to request time with her on occasions when my ex didn’t feel like making
Financial Issues
Jump to new posts Re: The Situation by MinnesotaMom @ 12/11/18 05:00 AM

You can make any agreement you like. 20% is by the NY calculator. It could be much worse. I know many folks that have paid 70% of their income for 15 years or more after support, daycare, medical insurance, etc. and had to rent single rooms to surviv
Saving Your Marriage
Jump to new posts Re: you got to win to know how to lose... by I_am_Jack @ 12/10/18 11:01 PM

Thanks, MNMom. Yes, time and experience certainly changes perspectives. I guess the reason I came back was to thank everybody for their comments and support during a pretty low year of my life. Also to let y'all know I'm happy.
Financial Issues
Jump to new posts Re: How should I open my Investment Accounts? by MinnesotaMom @ 12/10/18 05:19 AM

Your soon to be ex is entitled to 1/2 of any increase in accounts over the last 10 years. It's too late to separate them now. This includes cash, savings, stocks, investments and retirements. It doesn't matter if it's just your name, just her name or

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