Grandparents requesting time outside custodial

Posted by: Pamom1234

Grandparents requesting time outside custodial - 12/13/18 04:48 PM

My ex in-laws have repeated asked to have my daughter on my custody days. They see her on a regular basis when she is with my ex. But they insist that they should be allowed to request time with her on occasions when my ex didn’t feel like making arrangements with me to switch days, etc. they say that because they are asking I should comply, that it has nothing to do with my ex. I’m tired of him having his parents guilt trip me in giving my daughter to them when he doesn’t want to do a “trade” or Amy other concessions. I’ve blended over backwards for them and him and I’m tired of his games. The custody agreement is between my ex and I, not them. They don’t feel they need to follow the agreement. My MIL finally said she would bad mouth me to my daughter, which I’m tired of her doing too. Am I overreacting or am I ok with standing my ground?
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Re: Grandparents requesting time outside custodial - 12/14/18 11:43 AM

Stand your ground. They have no say in the court order and have no court ordered parenting time.
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Re: Grandparents requesting time outside custodial - 02/23/19 02:00 PM

Sounds like the grandparents want to remain unaffected by their sons divorce. Nope. Everybody loses. ☹️
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Re: Grandparents requesting time outside custodial - 05/24/19 06:38 AM

Grandparents do not have parental rights. And they should never bad mouth anyone to your children. Inexcusable. Keep your kid on your time. If they start being nicer maybe consider it, but not unless it is convenient for you. You no longer have to make it work for them, they are no longer family, and clearly don't treat you as such. Good luck