Vacation time

Posted by: mtb

Vacation time - 01/21/19 09:58 PM

Today my ex texted me asking if he could have THREE STRAIGHT weeks in the summer with our son for vacation to take him on a road trip across country. I told him no way and he then threw back that I would deny my son seeing national parks and the western part of the country. Such a guilt tripper. This is too much time with his father. We have always done week on/week off in the summer. Even when I took my son to Europe for a vacation I made sure to keep it to a week. I don’t think it is reasonable to ask for this much time in the summer and my kid shouldn’t be away from me that long. Our order says we can have three weeks that are uninterrupted (i.e. no midweek visits) in the summer but i never thought he would do three straight weeks. How quickly can I get the court to move to stop this from happening?
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Vacation time - 01/21/19 11:43 PM

I highly suspect you would be unsuccessful in court and you will also be ordered to pay his attorney costs.

Your agreement says 3 weeks straight in the summer. and if you don't comply, you are in contempt of court. With that you risk losing custody altogether.

Your reason of: "I don't think he should be away from me that long" will not be considered reasonable.