visitation with toddlers paternal mother/family

Posted by: Rosanne

visitation with toddlers paternal mother/family - 03/04/19 03:33 AM

2 months ago, i won sole custody of my 3.5 year old daughter after her father’s mother had custody of her for almost 2 years. Her grandma requested visitation with her once a month on a Saturday night which i agreed to. Me and my daughter live about 1:45 mins away from her grandma and she went on her first visit to her house since she has been back living with me. I thought things were getting better since the transition from the move seemed to be finally calming down, but today after picking her up from grandmas she is very upset about leaving her and their family and has been acting out misbehaving as well. HAs anyone else ever been through a similar situation? I really need some guidance and peace of mind with this whole situation. I’m scared that my daughter is starting to resent me and doesn’t want to live with me. Hopefully someone can help me out with some advice !! Thanks
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: visitation with toddlers paternal mother/family - 03/04/19 07:02 PM

It's very common for toddlers to react this way when leaving either home. Your thinking your daughter is resenting you is irrational. Let it be. Everything will be fine.