Did I screw up? Need advice please

Posted by: MommyGirl

Did I screw up? Need advice please - 09/26/15 11:08 PM

I am divorced and just started online dating. I've had one 6 month relationship since the divorce that didn't work out. I guess rebound is actually a thing. :).
Anyway, I took some time for myself and met a great guy online. We texted almost nonstop for about 10 days and met once for s great date that lasted 8 hours. Very innocent. He's been begging to get together again and wanted to see me each day this weekend. I invited him along to a festival with some friends last night and ended up drinking too much. I usually don't drink so when I do it has a major effect. He drove me to his home and I stayed overnight. I apologized profusely and todsy things haven't been the same. Did I mess up for good? He still wants to get together tomorrow. We have a lot in common and he was way into me this entire time. What should I do? Thank you! This is all new and so hard.
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Re: Did I screw up? Need advice please - 01/12/17 04:49 PM

Why not explain to him that you usually don't drink and that your behavior was out of character? Apologize. Ask him how he feels about it.
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Re: Did I screw up? Need advice please - 06/04/17 10:15 PM

Hmm...I really don't see a problem here. If he still wants to get together, I wouldn't worry about it. Everything should be fine.