No kissing in relationship

Posted by: Simply_me

No kissing in relationship - 08/04/16 03:22 PM

12 year relationship. Not married. Haven't kissed in a long time. Has this happened to anyone else?
Posted by: mskelly

Re: No kissing in relationship - 08/08/16 12:29 PM

Need more info. Something sounds like it's just not quite right in the relationship. Are you ok with this? Is it mutual between the two of you? Is there any affection in the relationship? If the other party in the relationship is the one who is withholding affection IMO there is someone else in the picture.
Posted by: redstar

Re: No kissing in relationship - 09/06/16 03:32 AM

12 years and no kissing? That's hard to believe!!!
Posted by: Simply_me

Re: No kissing in relationship - 09/11/16 04:49 PM

He will not kiss me on the mouth. Haven't kissed in probably 11 yrs. we do everything else just don't kiss. When I have brought it up in the past I never get a straight answer. I have googled this topic and read that lots of other women have this same problem. Their husbands claim to not like kissing. I guess I have learned to accept it but I truly miss being kissed. I just wondered if anyone has delt with this and has been able to change it.
Posted by: misterclark11

Re: No kissing in relationship - 09/13/16 02:14 AM

seems like you both need to talk.
Posted by: DeniseGreen

Re: No kissing in relationship - 02/08/18 06:01 AM

I think you are in Unbelievable relationship.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: No kissing in relationship - 02/09/18 08:28 PM

I think the original poster is long gone, since you are responding to a post that is 2 1/2 years old.
Posted by: Adeline60

Re: No kissing in relationship - 07/20/18 06:05 PM

Very true