Daughter seem,s to try and hurt me with divorce.

Posted by: jjmcwill

Daughter seem,s to try and hurt me with divorce. - 01/16/18 07:14 AM

Hello, I am not sure how to handle this. My daughter and I have always been close, but since her mother and I have separated it has been frustrating. She tries to hurt me by insinuating that she doesn't love me but loves her mom. Her mother is an extremely verbally abusive woman and its no surprise that my daughter has picked up on it.
I am currently trying to cope with the fact that we have separated (which I am relieved about) and the wife is posting pics of her and her new boyfriend on facebook and kind of publicly shaming me as well as texting awful things. So when the daughter takes digs at me it doesn't hurt it makes me want to swing her around by her fucking hair. She is the only reason I am really even in the area. I want to move so bad but I am trying to be a Daddy and not just a father. I can see that the mother is going to do her best to make things extremely hard on me in the divorce. Part of me just want to say to hell with it. She is around her mother most of the time and her mother has consistently denigrated me to her. This post sounds very woe is me and I am aware of this, but its what I am feeling. I guess really I need help. Help to do things right. Any advice is appreciated.
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Re: Daughter seem,s to try and hurt me with divorce. - 01/16/18 07:31 AM

Hey Hi , sorry !
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