What are my rights-Complicated situation

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What are my rights-Complicated situation - 01/18/15 04:29 AM

Our son and daughter in law have lived here for 8yrs while together. 4yrs ago, had a son. This is the only home he knows. Grandpa and I play a HUGE role in the child's upbringing.
Son and daughter in law are planning on a divorce. Daughter in law talks of moving out to her father's house.
Daughter in law's father sexually assaulted our daughter, 19 at the time, approx 3yrs ago. The man has been on probation and has been attending meetings. I don't know when his probation ends. But, daughter in law is considering moving in with him with our grandson. What are our rights, as grandparents? Our son is trying to avoid court with his wife if they can work out a mutual agreement. Even if he does, can we go to court to object to this potentially unhealthy living situation?
Fact: daughter in law may have some psych problems that also need to be addressed(severe anxiety and depression)most of day plugs into tv shows and disengages. This is very upsetting.
It's complicated!
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Re: What are my rights-Complicated situation - 02/02/15 07:30 PM

I am no attorney, but, have some knowledge.....

Your son should be the one objecting, and it sounds like he has a case for custody.....the child has a home NOW...he should actively pursue his custody rights and the welfare of his child.

Since you have no standing, meaning you are not a party to the divorce or custody.....not sure if it is possible for you to file an amicus brief with the court....to make them aware of some things that they may not be told.
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Re: What are my rights-Complicated situation - 06/23/16 07:58 PM

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Re: What are my rights-Complicated situation - 06/12/17 12:34 AM

As a grandparent you've no right, your son and his wife do. it's not up to you where the chills lives, and anxiety and depression doesn't disqualify a mother from having custody of her children, that's kinda cold to say considering how many people suffer from mental health issues.