neglect on visitation

Posted by: ddaugherty

neglect on visitation - 10/17/08 07:33 PM

I have another problem i know that my son is being neglected while on his visits i can prove it the problem is the judge has already said he isnt going to change the visitation unless dfacs or dhr gets involved problem dfacs wont look at him unless he is over ther but since he is only there on the weekends they wil have to send a sheriff to check up on him dhr can only check me when he is in my care nither of the two systems want to work together to do anything about this and of course by the time i can get him to my doctor everything appears find because he has been back with me over 24 hours how can i go about fixing this
any help would be appreciated thank you
Posted by: tonydenozo

Re: neglect on visitation - 05/29/13 12:16 AM

Good Lord you get that child to a doctor and get a copy of his findings. Nothing says you can't take pictures, just be careful about what you do and then he says your the abuser. You need to ask for a change of venue or for that judge to recluse himself and get your case moved. Alabama D.H.R for the most part really try but are extremely understaffed especially in the investigation department. I don't know what county your in but if your absolutely sure the child is being abused or mis cared for do anything you can to get it stopped. You can then get your attorney to file on those grounds, doctors don't like to testify in court and sometimes a report can be ruled against so dont be afraid to issue a subpoena for him. I don't know who your attorney is bit being in law enforcement for 20 years I have seen things like this drag out because the parent didn't want to push it. I just know if it were my son I would be sitting at door of whomever everyday if that is what it took. One more thing I know that I shouldn't bring in things I have see but I wouldn't even consider visitation of any kind not even supervised child abuse is one of those things I always took seriously and would not back down. Hope this helps God bless you