My children need help!

Posted by: Junior

My children need help! - 03/09/09 01:39 AM

Ok, I should probably have said step children, but I do not think of them that way. Here is whats happining. S&D have to go see their "father" every afternoon and every other weekend, but dispise giong. They cry anytime they have to spend the night. There is no end to the sick things he tells them. These kids are extreamly good kids, yet he yells at them constantly, making them scared to even breath. Hes called them names and told them they are going to hell. My babies are scared to death of their birth father. It kills me to see these two children being treated this way, but I dont know what I can do. There is no proof of his abuse. There is no physical abuse going on, but mental and emotional abuse is worse in my opinion. I keep trying to get my wife to file complaints or something against him, but she wont cause she says he will take it out on the kids, which i must admit has happened in the past. Neither of the children want to ever see him again, and even swear they want him to just die, but I try to let them understand that he is their father,,,,but I feel like im betraying them when i say these things. Does anyone know how we could go about getting his visitation revoked? anything would help.
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Re: My children need help! - 06/06/09 05:50 PM

Can't you take them to a shrink and have the doctor testify in court. Also call child service and explain the situation.