i dont know what to do.

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i dont know what to do. - 03/03/10 06:37 PM

for starters, me and my wife have been married for almost 2 years. at the beginning of january, she went to her parents' house for a visit and to go to a court appearance. the next day she told me she wasn't coming back home. she took both our young children with her. their ages are 3 years and a year old. the 3 year old isn't biologically mine, but I'm Daddy according to him, myself, and my wife. The baby is mine. Me and the wife had been having issues and arguing alot for a few months before the surprise move. I recently found out she'd been cheating on me a handful of times while we were married, with our son's biological father. she also has a history of substance abuse, which strained the marriage as well. she's a great mother. i'd never argue that, but in the past two months, i've seen my children a total of 3 times. anytime i try to see them, i get the runaround. i'm supposedly not allowed on her parents' property because of the stress that our situation adds to her parents. i still love my wife dearly. she told me she wants a divorce but every other day things change. when we do see each other, she cannot deny the love and heartache. as soon as we part, she turns into another person. she's always got an excuse for me not being able to see my children. i live almost two hours away from them, so it's a bit of a drive for me, and i work 6 days a week. I don't make a whole lot of money these days, averaging around $200 a week, while she's on ssi, ssd, and gets foodstamps. those agencies do not know she's married. i don't want a divorce, but i don't want to keep being strung along with false hope. she's refused marriage counselling and anytime i try to talk with her about everything "i dont have time for the drama." she says i'm being childish about everything. i asked her to think about if she were in my shoes. i honestly know she would try to kill herself if she didn''t see her children on a regular basis. she's bipolar and has ptsd. she sees a psychiatrist and therapist regularly, but i don't think she's being completely honest with these people. ever since we separated, albeit not legally, i've started going to a therapist myself to try and work my own issues out including anger management. i dont know what rights i have to our son, since he's not biologically mine, but in an ideal world, if we got divorced, i'm pushing for joint custody. just to be fair. is there any help in talladega county for people with a very low income to resolve issues, even if it means a divorce? i cannot afford an attorney right now, but i know i need one. any help or insight about these things is greatly appreciated. this is my first mariage, so it's gonna be my first divorce too.
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Re: i dont know what to do. - 05/28/13 11:13 PM

I think I might be able to help. Drop me an IM if your interested.