What are my options?

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What are my options? - 10/05/05 07:54 PM

My wife and I have been separated for about a year. She has THREATENED divorce, but I really wasn't sure if she was gonna go through with it or not. To make a long story short, she went to a lawyer, they set a court date, but my notification was sent to my OLD ADDRESS. I got it 2 days before the court date and was not able to be there b/c I was out of town. Apparently, the judge granted the divorce WITHOUT MY BEING THERE, which I found rather odd. She has EVERYTHING!! My kids, ALL of our personal belongings...EVERYTHING. And I DIDN'T EVEN WANT the divorce. I BEGGED her to go with me to marriage counseling but she refused. ALSO...the entire time we have been separated she has been seeing someone. This man has taken her and my kids to dinner, to the movies, etc... all BEFORE she ever went to court.

I don't get this. Can I challenge the divorce? Can I get another court date so that I can "PLEAD MY CASE". I don't have alot of money to afford a big time lawyer. Does anybody know what my options might be??? Thanks.
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Re: What are my options? - 01/03/07 12:29 PM

since you shifted before the letter was issued, you can challange the case. but u need to have a good divorce attorney...do u kno wat was the ground for divorce? do u have ne proof of ur wife cheating on you before goin to the court for divorce? if yes you can definately challange the case...first consultation wid most of the divorce attorneys are free. do talk to a divorce attorney to see where u stand..good luk ..following is a link, chekc out the lawyer resources, hop it helps :)