i'm hoping this helps

Posted by: evelyn1

i'm hoping this helps - 11/02/12 02:21 PM

my husband and i have shared an unbelievable fairy tale romance. he persued me relentlessly 14 years ago and we have been together since. last year on nov. 12 he told me that he was unhappy and he left. we talked on the phone throughout that day and he came hone eight hours later. this past year he has emotionally withdrawn, but we still managed to love each other and we still had good times, just fewer. on sept. 18th, he left again. we spoke throughout the day and he again returned home later that night. two weeks ago an oct. 19, i came home and he had packed all of his belongings and told me he was "unhappy". he said that he still loves me and i am the best thing that has ever happened to him, etc, etc, etc. he moved in over at his mother's. we communicate almost daily and i have seen him three times in two weeks. i have read all of the information about mid life crisis and how i should wait this out and be patient. i could definitely do that if i thought that he might come back, but i don't know. so i sit here emotionally crazy and i wait. then i wonder if i'm waiting for nothing and during this wait, i can't eat or sleep. i have not been able to work these past two weeks. what if he is protecting his investments and biding his time until he can move his assets to where i cannot get my share in a divorce? i've never been on a forum before. i'm hoping to receive some type of reassurance or guidance on what i should be doing?
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Re: i'm hoping this helps - 01/26/13 04:15 PM

How are things now? My husband just recently told me he is unhappy and wants a divorce. Im I sick about it. I thought we had a great marriage. We are currently living in the same house but he has filed for divorce. It is all so business like. I hope yours has a happy ending.