Totally confused

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Totally confused - 06/02/06 05:28 AM

I have been married to my husband for 12 years and he has recently filed for a divorce. He is attempting to leave me without a thing. One attorney that I spoke to seemed to give me contradictory information and I am hoping to find some clarification. I am suspicious that my husband has cashed our tax refund check without my knowledge or permission. When I asked what recourse I might have on this the attorney I spoke to said pretty much nothing since I willing signed the 1040 joint return it is assumed that I am aware that I would be recieving a refund within a certain time frame and so I was just SOL because we are still married. However when I asked about revenues that have been generated during the marriage from property my husband inherited he said that the income was his and his alone since we did not comingle our bank accounts. It seems to me if he is claiming that very income on "our joint income tax return" and that he willing signed that return he was implying that they were joint funds. He also said that regardless of any investments I may have made to improve our primary residence property and in turn increased the property value a great deal that I was again SOL because my husband owned the property before the marriage. I understand that I have no right to the property and frankly I dont want it. But I am 70 years old and have invested the last 12 years into a marriage I was committed to til the end, now he has decided to walk out and I am going to be spending my twilight years in low income housing and just scraping by. I am totally confused. :confused:
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Re: Totally confused - 04/19/07 03:02 AM

you need an attorney that knows what he is talking about!! keep looking for one...and from experience, go see every attorney in your town and surrounding areas (hope it's a smaller town!), or at least the "good" ones. Once you have seen an attorney regarding this, he can't use them! So, go use your one hour free consultation with all of them!!
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Re: Totally confused - 07/08/07 01:01 PM

I wish our town had 'free consultations', all the good ones charge away!

ebyrd, what you outlined sounds right, coming from a layman, from what I have found. You should find a lawyer who can answer your questions fully and with whom you feel comfortable asking for clarification. What you are doing now, supplementing your information from other sources, should also help tremendously to give you a good base for understanding. :)

Good luck. I'm only in my 30's but my husband of 13 years has just pulled the rug out from under my feet. I feel for you, betrayal (because that's what it is if he has cashed the joint check without your approval/knowledge) is never easy to deal with.

ODAT- one day at a time!

EDIT: Lol, NOW I look at the date! :o
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Re: Totally confused - 05/14/08 05:51 PM

research the attorneys find a man hating atternoy and take your case by the balls so to speak. you definently need an atterney that know what he/she is doing and don't let your own atterney tell you that you have to settle with paying all the bills in your name my atterney did that on my first divorce and i got stuck with every single bill in our marraige (it was my first divorce) and my own atterney screwed me!!!
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Re: Totally confused - 10/21/10 01:59 PM

And I thought I was the only one with a controlling, narsacistic husband!! How do these men get away with it!! They have the money to hire good attorneys!!!!