Retrieving my children with custody

Posted by: twitchelvi

Retrieving my children with custody - 03/29/15 08:47 AM

Recently my wife took the children and flew home to Alaska with our children, while I was at work. I have obtained an attorney and I am confident that I will get temp. custody soon. However, I don't really have the money to pay the attorney after the custody hearing. I do know that with custody given to me, then he can file a writ of attachment, register it with Alaska, etc, etc. What I am trying to find out is this, it would be cheaper for me to just go get the kids once I have custody. In Alaska, if I have custody papers in hand from another state, can I retrieve my children from school? Can I go to the home where they are staying to get them? I know that I can't force anyone to give them back, but if they refuse will the troopers aid me?
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Retrieving my children with custody - 03/31/17 04:58 AM

They might and might not. Some will say it's a civil issue. Your best bet is to call the police in the jurisdiction you will be going to.