X-wife trying to control our house

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X-wife trying to control our house - 03/24/08 10:31 PM

My x-wife and I still own a house together. It is in forcloseure. We(I) are trying to save it. Bank is trying to work with us. So I have been living in it. Until GF came into picture.

Now the girlfriend comes into play. She Stays overnight ect. The X is pissed off one day and kicks GF out of house(she had a key, but move out 6 month and got remarried) GF went and got order of protection for her and house. We got the order it modified to GF only. The X has filed with a motion with superior court to prevent any person (gf)from staying as a overnight guess.
Anybody have any idea legally where I might stand. I can prove Adultrey with 5 children 5 different dads. Should I have gf leagally sign a rental/lease agreement from me? PLEASE HELP ME I cannot afford Attorney
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Re: X-wife trying to control our house - 03/24/08 10:40 PM

Um, I'm having trouble understanding your question as you are writing in net-speak/partial phrases. Try again?

And most states don't care what the grounds are when it comes to Spousal Support or other division of property issues. Obviously it matters for child support as you should be paying for your biological children only (unless there is some other legal issue which forces you to pay for the others).

Try posting in a forum like the Financial Issues or Property forums. These state forums get very little action.

Finally, it may not have been very wise of you to let GF spend overnights. You want to maintain a calm, amicable atmosphere until the divorce is final.
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Re: X-wife trying to control our house - 03/25/08 12:15 AM

So let me get this straight... you still jointly own your home with your ex-wife. She doesn't live there anymore and has actually gotten remarried. You still live there and have invited your GF to spend nights there with you. The GF has an order of protection against your ex-wife. And your ex-wife is trying to get your GF removed from the home?

You own half the house and you are living there. I really doubt your ex can get your GF thrown out. This is truly bizarre.

There is a really great poster whose name is Maury. He has sane legal advice. I actually think he is a lawyer (although in Minnesota). Find him (by either finding one of his posts or searching the user list above) and PM him your question.
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Re: X-wife trying to control our house - 04/16/08 06:29 PM

Still trying to get GF removed. Does any body have any sugestion? Weekly I get threaten Email,text,phone message threating to get me and/or girlfriend evicted from house.
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Re: X-wife trying to control our house - 04/18/08 03:31 AM

WHy don't the girlfriend stay elsewhere and try to sell the house and get away from your ex-wife.
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Re: X-wife trying to control our house - 04/29/08 05:10 AM

Tam98 that would give her what see wants.
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Re: X-wife trying to control our house - 04/29/08 05:11 AM

Of course the good news is Chase Mortgage is working with us and the XW did sign the paper work and came up with half of the earnest money for recstructuring

But she has filed something. But all I have seen so far is stuff from her attorney. If filled in Maricopa county superior courts shouldn't have a file stamp or shouldn't I have been served.

This is what it shows in docket.

4/18/2008 NOT - Notice 4/21/2008
4/18/2008 NOL - Notice of Lodging 4/21/2008
4/10/2008 MOT - Motion 4/14/2008
4/10/2008 COT - Petition For Contempt - Other 4/11/2008
3/12/2008 CEI - Current Employer Information 3/14/2008
2/29/2008 PRS - Praecipe Simp Mod Child Support 3/4/2008
2/29/2008 NLR Notice Of Limited Scope Representation 3/5/2008

I know she changed attorney within the office.

I have called Judges office but no response.

Anyone have any suggestion I would appreciate it.

More facts the house is mentions in divorce papers but nothing is decided at that time.

A Glendale Judge suggested that the resident is no longer community property since she move out more than 6 month ago.

I am confused I want to be fare. But I tired of being harass about this.

Now she wants to put a renter in a spare room. I think it would be another mole. She already pumps the kids for info.

Anyone have any suggestion I would appreciate it.
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