Parenting Time and Child Support

Posted by: Terrapin

Parenting Time and Child Support - 03/21/16 09:16 PM

Hello. What do you do when your ex-spouse is not putting in their fair share of parenting time under a 50/50 parenting time agreement? Especially, when you are paying them child support on the presumption of equal parenting time? It doesn't see fair I should pay this person money each month for parenting time they are not putting in. Especially, when I see my children complaining or showing distress at the lack of attention from my ex-spouse. What can I do about? I tried talking to the ex-spouse but this person is indifferent to reason. All they care is that they get their money each month.
Posted by: TJMH

Re: Parenting Time and Child Support - 03/21/16 11:22 PM

I think about all you can do is to document the disparity in parenting time and in covering the childrens' expenses, go back to court and ask for an adjustment to the custody ratio and child support order.

Otherwise you're bound by the terms of the divorce decree and there's nothing legally that you can do about it.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Parenting Time and Child Support - 04/01/16 08:30 AM

Document precisely the time percentage. It will probably take at least 6 months, perhaps a year before you might be able to do something about it financially. You would have to see a local attorney at that point to determine your options. Just know that logic often does not apply in family law.