Moving out of state before divorce with children

Posted by: Newmetg

Moving out of state before divorce with children - 05/24/16 06:54 AM

New to the forum and still.figuring things out but wanted to ask.this question here. After years of domestic violence on and off husband I am finally ready togomon.with my life. My story in really long but I will make it short. We have not filed for divorce and my husband is active duty military. We have been living in Arizona for 2 years. I want to move back to Virginia where me and my children.have support and I can heal from it all
At this point my 6 year old has experienced some things and know it's I was told that I can.leave the state but it's possible that a judge would order the.childen back. Is this true? I truly believe it's in the best interest of everyone involved. The military recently found him guilty of physical.maltreatment of me and I am scared. Any help is greatly appreciated