What constitutes a legal marriage?

Posted by: BucknAZ

What constitutes a legal marriage? - 12/22/16 08:53 PM

I was having a discussion with a friend about what is a "legal marriage" and they are saying that a marriage is not legal if it's not filed w/ the state (in my case AZ).
I say even if you don't file the necessary state requirements and have a proposal/engagement/marriage that if it doesn't work out b/w the two parties that it would still be a divorce (meaning divorce lawyers fighting to separate everything (i'm leaving children out of this equation on purpose)).

I guess my question is, at what point does a relationship become a marriage? it's all in interpretation of the law I guess but could one party argue that because you went through the motions of marriage that the intent was there or is the paperwork filed w/ the state the "official" marriage?