Ex offered to pay half of insurance.

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Ex offered to pay half of insurance. - 10/08/06 10:34 PM

I really wasn't expecting it but I will gladly accept half of the premiums. DH and I were thinking about it and decided to offer that he pay it through the state. So instead of paying $400 a month ($340+60 for arrears), he will pay $460 a month.

Why did I do this? Well first of all it doesn't actually cost us anymore to cover the girls on my insurance since we have our son. HOWEVER, if we went by the new guidelines he would be ordered to pay half of THEIR portion so the attorney recommended that we work it out between ourselves.. So I'm still getting half of the premiums but he will pay off the arrearage sooner.
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Re: Ex offered to pay half of insurance. - 10/08/06 10:43 PM

We did the same thing. Ex offered to pay for half of the extra-curricular expenses and was ordered to pay half of their uninsured medical (I pay the premiums), so I let him know that if he paid it through the state, the extra would go toward his arrears. He was about $15K in the hole about a year ago, and since March he's brought the arrears down by almost $1k.
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Re: Ex offered to pay half of insurance. - 10/09/06 06:12 AM

i don't think i'm understanding, can you please explain? you must pay $180 per month in insurance for 3 kids. you are asking your ex to pay $60/month or 1/2 of insurance for the 2 children he is the father of to cover their insurance even though you would already have the insurance for your son?

if you alread had to pay that amount to cover them on insurance why wouldn't you just ask him to pay more on the copays.

i'm not trying to go against your proposal....i just don't think i understand all the details. can you clarify?
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Re: Ex offered to pay half of insurance. - 10/09/06 10:54 AM

The state does it this way. I pay $72 a week for family coverage. The way the state figures it is this: You take the monthly premium and divide by the number in the household and then multiply by the number of children in the CS order.

I guess I didn't mention that he is actually ordered to cover them and has been for the last 3 1/2 years but never has. He has also never been asked to cover half of out of pocket expenses. He wasn't paying CS so why would he pay those?

Unless it is something big, I won't be asking him to pay any out of pocket. I think it's a waste to send $20 copay receipts for reimbursement.

He currently owes almost $7000 in arrears, this is a way to get it paid off that much quicker. He offered to pay their portion so I accepted, now I'm offering for it to go toward what he owes me.
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Re: Ex offered to pay half of insurance. - 10/10/06 01:39 AM


I have the same thoughts as you do about out of pocket reimbursements. My ex is ordered to maintain health coverage and so am I but he has refused to remit 50% of the copays yet and I have come to the conclusion that getting $10.00 here and there towards his share of copays, or let me correct that...asking for his portion and getting no responce to me is not worth the trouble. I too will be saving that for if God forbid something big happened, hopefully it never will. I have pretty good coverage, to date his secondary policy hasnt helped at all, everything was covered by the primary anyhow, let the ex keep the $10.00, its not worth it to sqwable over it.

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Re: Ex offered to pay half of insurance. - 10/10/06 04:39 AM

BM sends DH bills for all copays, and we do the same. Both always split everything equally. BM has sent us a "bill" for less than $4 before, had to laugh at that one. :)
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Re: Ex offered to pay half of insurance. - 10/10/06 10:37 AM

The lowest "bill" we ever got from BM was $0.87! LOL!