DFAS update

Posted by: 1004SRS

DFAS update - 03/05/07 08:35 PM

Okay - I posted originally to find out how long DFAS took to get witholding set-up because EX makes me feel bad about taking Child Support for the kiddos.

I was promptly attacked because XH and I normally get along. Except where CS is concerned. He does have gambling issues so we never co-mingled our money when we were together. Money was one of the main reasons we got divorced.

Well, got a call from the Court today. The witholding order was returned from DFAS because it wasn't filled out all the way. She said it may be April until I get CS through the CSE agency. Divorce was final in Janaury.
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Re: DFAS update - 03/05/07 09:13 PM

Ex shouldn't be making you feel bad about receiving child support. Tell him to grow up!
Posted by: Miranda

Re: DFAS update - 03/05/07 10:19 PM

DFAS is super particular.
Posted by: almostheaven

Or... - 03/06/07 12:56 AM

Tell him to "pay up". Then smile and hold out your hand. ;)