Do I need an attorney? or not?

Posted by: Maxmus

Do I need an attorney? or not? - 07/25/04 01:11 AM

I'm in a solid debate wether or not I need to hire an out of state attorney. It's the state of Kansas Vs. Me. I have a court order to pay child support now. So, what good is an attorney going to be for me?. There's nothing going to stop me from having to provide for the child which is fine, I want to do the right thing and be a man. But, please define what the attorney could provide out of this? I just can't see how infact a lawyer is going to make any differents other then getting a large retainer fee out of me. Would someone please explain why I should or shouldn't get a lawyer for times working against me. Thank you!
Posted by: Maxmus

Re: Do I need an attorney? or not? - 07/25/04 04:28 PM

((( All suggestions, comments welcome)))

Would having a lawyer reduce the cost of my child support???
Would having a lawyer make any differents???
Would you know??? =)
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Re: Do I need an attorney? or not? - 07/26/04 12:26 AM

The only purposes for an attorney in this case are:

a) If you want to try and get custody
b) If your CS was based on an imputed or false income and you're disputing it
c) If you dispute paternity

If none of the issues apply, it could just be wasted money. The attorney would only be useful to protect you against unfair practices or to help you dispute information. If you feel there's nothing to dispute and nothing being done unfairly (not according to guideline), one shouldn't be necessary.
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Re: Do I need an attorney? or not? - 07/26/04 05:51 AM

Thank you for replying so soon. I'm glad I'm not wasting money on an attorney. Infact I signed up with Prepaid legal what a Joke! lmao! They referred me to a Kansas attorney that offered a 25% discount. The retainer fee was $750.00
and that's with thwir so called 25% Discount. What a joke! I was able to do some research and find a female attorney that only wanted a $500 retainer fee and that wasn't with a so called prepaid legal membership. I'm going to cancel my prepaid legal membership very soon. I can't see myself wasting anymore money on such a retarded concept.
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Re: Do I need an attorney? or not? - 07/26/04 03:05 PM

I TOLD you the beginning of this month when you first posted that prepaid legal service was a bunch of crap.

I also told you that based on the information that you [finally] provided, that you would need an attorney.