child support registration ?

Posted by: kristin

child support registration ? - 09/15/05 09:42 PM

Hi everyone
I have a question and would really really appreciate any information or knowledge.
I am going to make this short because all my other posts turn into novels :grin:
Issuing state: Washington
No one on the order lives in the sttae of WA anymore
I live in Alaska
NCP lives in Texas
WA had been collecting and enforcing since 12-01
Last June, I wanted to get the order modified, read up on UIFSA and all that
The CSE in WA sent a request for modification to Texas
Texas said no because I do not live in WA, the request needs to come from Alaska, and I am fine with that
Texas has registered and opened a case, they are enforcing the order and sending the support to WA since August 1st 05
I have all needed paperwork and documents to get things rolling in Alaska.
I have not sent anything out yet because I have some questions that no one is answering and am turning to you all for some input.
My question is this, since everything is all current and there is nothing missing regarding information wise, once the state (Alaska) get the paperwork for services, how long do states usually take to open a case?
There is a wage with holding in place, NCP whereabouts are known.
I know the case with WA will have to be closed and I am fine with that. However, Texas is enforcing and once WA is closed out, the support has to go somewhere, and I want to make sure it has a office to go to and not just sit somewhere without being distributed.
Thanks! :D
Posted by: almostheaven

Re: child support registration ? - 09/16/05 01:19 AM

All I can say is good luck. You're dealing with government bureaucracy. No one can tell you how long it will take or what will happen with the checks. They SHOULD still be sent to you, and they SHOULD be able to open a case immediately. But they SHOULD also be able to wipe their own butts without having their hand held, yet I've never seen the government able to do that yet.
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Re: child support registration ? - 09/16/05 01:22 AM

LMAO...good reply....there is surely no answer for this

No offense Kristin....I have had my fill of the government and CS....good luck!
Posted by: kristin

Re: child support registration ? - 09/16/05 05:32 AM

No worries, I think you two are funny anyway!
It's just I finally got this all figured out after much confusion, and now I am being hesitant on putting the paperwork in the mail! LOL
I don't get a check, it's directly deposited onto a debit VISA type card through WA.
I am hoping to get this figured out and soon though!
Thanks ladies for your replies though, they had me giggling :grin: