NC Child Support

Posted by: Pirate17

NC Child Support - 10/13/17 05:22 PM

I am not married to the father of my children, but we do live together.
I'm not worried about him trying to get custody or suing in any way. He is a good father, but we do need to separate. I have already exhausted years into trying to keep this relationship together, so I am not asking for advice on how to stay together.

What I am asking about is this:
I am a graduate student and do not hold a job. The lease on our home ends in March. How far in advance do I need to file for child support? I have read that it can take some time to get child support and do not want to wait until March to file in case it takes a few months. I also do not want to file too early and it be denied since I still live with him.
I know nothing about child support.
Any help is appreciated.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: NC Child Support - 10/16/17 04:22 AM

You can't really file until you don't live together anymore, but the courts make it retroactive to the date you file. Is he on the birth certificate?