Child Support payment question

Posted by: vbquest

Child Support payment question - 04/11/18 01:46 AM

My divorce was final in January in the state of Texas. I was paying child support of 1300 to my wife during the divorce process and it went up to 1700 per month in the final decree. I did not realize that the paperwork had not gone thru for my employer to revise the withholding amount and now I am behind in payments. I did not become aware of this until 2 weeks ago. I have contacted the AG's office twice by email and tried calling them 3 times, but haven't been able to talk to them yet. Today I received a letter in the mail from my ex wife's lawyer stating that I was 2000 behind in child support and if I didn't pay the balance in full in 10 days they were going to file contempt of court charges against me and make me pay their legal fees too. I am not trying to avoid making the payments, but I don't have the full amount to pay in 10 days. I want to make a payment plan with the AG's office to get paid up. Now I am worried about them filing charges and having to pay more money I don't have or going to jail. Can this go to court? Can I go to jail? I feel like they are bullying me and this can't possible hold up in court if I am paying and trying to get caught up. What are my options? Can they come after me? Thanks,
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Re: Child Support payment question - 04/13/18 08:54 PM

Send a certified letter to the AG with your circumstances, account number, how much you are paying and what you propose to pay extra per month. You shouldn't have any problem.