Seperate Property

Posted by: 1faithfullady2b

Seperate Property - 05/19/08 07:18 AM

My husband and I were married for 21 yrs. We have 3 precious children together. We had legally separated in 2001. I discovered he fathered a child with another woman in 1997,3 years earlier and was deeply hurt. I had bought him out of our home in 2001.
We reconciled in 2005. In 2005 I used the equity from my residence, seperate property, to purchase a business for him. The lease, business accounts and checking account was in my name due to his bad credit. I financially supported his business while working full time for another company and coaching our daughter's soccer team. I had no involvement in his business. I gave him the monies with the agreement he would pay the back the money in full within 6 months and to contribute to the mortgage payment that would increase once the equity was pulled out. If he was unable to pay the money back he would use monies from a settlement to reimburse me. We have decide to finalize the divorce. There is a trial scheduled in June. My dilema is as follows.... He walked out of the business after a year and a half and left me with all the debt and a 5 yr. lease agreement. I have paid all the debts off except the $55,000+ owed on the lease. I am being sued for the balance fo the lease. His attorney claims he is not responsible to pay back any part of the monies I gave him towards the business because the business is closed. Due to the fact that I pulled the money out to invest in a business I took a risk and should bare all costs. Not to mention I have to pay him spousal support and the court has offset childsupport with the spousal support judgement.
I have faith that there is a case or loop hole in the system to make him partially responsible for all the debt he has left me with. I pray someone has a family code or case I can have my attorney review. I am unable to afford the high priced "family law specialist" he has hired because I have to feed and clothe three of our children. Thank you for your help in advance. [color:blue] [/color]