Would I show married in the U.S. State of CA?

Posted by: Alan92

Would I show married in the U.S. State of CA? - 01/27/17 05:17 AM

Hi guys,
This is my story so I got married to a U.S. Citizen in 2011 at the time ai lived in Mexico my native country so I am mexican. The civil marriage happened in Mexicali B.C. Mexico after the marriage the girl filed my documents to obtain a residency card. However when I was granted the green card I crossed and reside in El Centro, California for like 1 year we never really lived together and we had too many problems so I left amd seperated. I moved to a different state amd now I am filing for the divorce in Mexico. Thats in process also my residency card expired and has been for a long time. I honestly don't care if I don't get it again I just want to be done with this. My concern is that I may have to file for a divorve here in the U.S. As well? I dont see why when the marriage event was in Mexico however when the reaidency was granted my ex had to present the marriage certificate to immigration so I want to make sure I am safe and not showing up married so that If I want to re-marry nothing holds me back? Does immigration report anything to the state or the recording office in the state of California? I called the imperial county of el Centro CA but they didn't help much they said no info should be there archived unless I married there. But how can I be certain? Ill have the divorce certificate soon coming from Mexico but do I send it anywhere? Do I not show married at all here ? Idk please help if anyone has any info I would appreciate
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Re: Would I show married in the U.S. State of CA? - 01/27/17 06:37 AM

If you were to get into a dispute or misunderstanding about this in the future do you really want your side of the story to be "Your Honor, the anonymous person on the Internet clearly stated..."?

Seriously, you need to talk to an immigration lawyer.